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Sunshine & Sparkle



From the cliffs and slopes near the Sunset District where any view of the Golden Gate Bridge will dazzle you.. to the creeks, canyons and hills overlooking Malibu. From Half Moon Bay to the city lights around the San Francisco Bay.. From the mystical serenity surrounding El Capitan in Yosemite.. to the stunning vineyards of Napa Valley.. The sparkling surf and sand along the Pacific Coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara, Catalina to Coronado island.. And the colorful symmetry of strawberry fields and orange orchards.. From cherry blossoms in San Jose to the many amazing lakes scattered around the state.. Experience the parks and trails, and the magic of Ladyface. See the glory of nature and the breathtaking beauty of California revealed through inspirational poetry.


Sunshine & Sparkle: A Scenic Tour

An excerpt from the poem: California Blue

The hills beyond the valley
Picture perfect, breathtaking
Painted shades of blue
In the morning light
Irresistible, as if destiny itself..

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