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Samanala Yugayaka Prarthana


I have not forgotten the beauty of the Sinhala language.
Here is my first attempt at songwriting:

It has been a dream come true to collaborate with my parents on this.
My humble contribution to Sri Lankan music.

Samanala Yugayaka Prarthana

Released in 2009

Lyrics - Samanthi Fernando

Music Composition - Stanley Welgampola

Vocals - Stanley & Shirani Welgampola


A Shining Light 

Searching for a light of relief
Seeking a moment of peace
Here in this restless world

I hear enchanting melodies
Reviving once again
The sweetest of memories

Through garlands of music
Dreams of carefree times
Are etched deeper in the mind

Through the gift of song
This shining light of relief
I have been searching for....

A retreat from life's journey
Has finally come to light
Within the powers of my mind

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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