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Special Feature

I have found yet another way home…

Returning to Southern California has inspired me to explore the many facets of the concept of home and rejoice in the beauty that surrounds me. I hope those of you reading; will also be inspired to discover a new doorway to your own home or perhaps another reason to return there. 

The concept of home is often tied to a place such as a geographical area where you grew up or a dwelling where you lived for a long period of time. It is sometimes a house that you built or bought and made special with your loved ones. The space you called your own and maybe watched your children grow. But the feeling of being home is not just being in a familiar place. It can be living among the people you love or just knowing that you are close to them. Returning to a beloved place that holds countless memories can give you that feeling of coming home. But being able to hear a beloved voice or see a face you hold so dear can make you feel at home no matter where you are. Still above all this is the knowledge that you are home when you find peace of mind within yourself. Home as I see it is a comfort zone that has many doors. Your entry point may be the sight of the trees along your street or the hills you have climbed. It may be the sound of your mother’s voice or the look in someone’s eyes. It could be the smell of the ocean or the warmth of the sun on your skin. You could find yourself home over coffee with a friend or simply being yourself alone. Reaching the door to home can be the sense of freedom when you are finally able to do what you love, or the joy of discovering your purpose in life. But home is not where you stay forever. It is a state of mind you return to over and over again. For as much as there are points of entry to your comfort zone, there will be as many exit points or more. But as long as you remember how to find your way back, life can be worth the journey.

Samanthi Fernando © 2009


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