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Loving Tributes


A Collection of Poems by Chandi for Saumya (Sam) Lakshika Almeida



You crossed my path like a shining light
So enchanting and so bright -
I heard you laugh, I saw you smile
And life was kind to us, just for a while

In sunshine you were always there
With kind words, and thoughts to share
In darkness, your hand was by my side
With patience to listen, while I cried

The joy, the innocence, of the youthful years
And now the taste of lonely tears
With only sweet memories to ease the pain
Things will never be the same again

I see your face, a vision of peace
Your hair fluttering gently in the breeze
And then you turn to me and smile
An angel, in the chapters of time

Chandima Samanthi Welgampola © 1991




When the silence deepens

As time takes wing

When in your absence

Memories find us

And those yesterdays

Become so real


When the comfort of your presence

Is needed in our midst

And your familiar voice

Cannot be heard

You live within our thoughts

More than just a memory


Chandima Samanthi Welgampola © 1992





The sound of eight voices raised in laughter

Rings through my mind

And I see once more, that classroom

When we were sweet sixteen


There you were in our midst

Always the one to turn to

With all our secrets, tears and joys

Always the advisor and everybody’s friend


I remember wondering, how it would be

For us to meet years later as grownups

Never knowing that all we had

Were a few years more with you


And here I am today

Longing for your company

Wondering how it might have been

If you were still with us


Thinking about the others

Knowing, wherever the seven of us are

Diverse though our lives may be

Our love for you makes us one.


Chandima Samanthi Welgampola © 1994





Eight years have passed

Some of us studied

Some of us married

If you can see us now

Some dreams fulfilled

Some dreams broken

Dreams we shared with you


The friends you held together

Are far and scattered

Our bonds now shattered

Yet in our lives diverse

In times of joy and in grief

Deep within our hearts

We still long to run to you


Chandima Samanthi Welgampola © 1999





Having spent the early years
Grieving over our loss
Trying to cope with separation
So permanent and new to us

We believe that now is the time
To celebrate her life
To remember her love
True friendship and trust

Because of her we've learnt
to expect the unexpected
Cherish those we care about
And never take them for granted

Losing her has altered our lives
In ways we are yet to realize
But knowing her has inspired us
To draw from her character

Her endless optimism
In the worst of times
And her genuine praises
In the best of times

Her capacity to listen with empathy
And be happy when others succeed
Seeing the best in every situation
Being sensitive to another's need

She never ceased to amaze us
With her fearlessness in adversity
Her steadfast faith in God
And devotion to friends and family

So after all these years, once again
We dedicate these humble words
In memory of an extraordinary friend
Who has given us many reasons to smile

Hoping others too, will stop to remember
That cheerful girl we knew
And whisper a prayer in their hearts
For our precious friend Sam


Chandima Samanthi Fernando © 2005




It is that time of year, when I just can’t forget

How it all took place, and the last time we met


I can still write your praises, page after page

This friendship does not diminish with age


So I pause for a moment and humbly strive

To keep our fond memories of your love alive


The laughter, the kindness, so genuine, so true

These things stand out when I remember you


And you are surely beside me, this I do know

Not just this time of year, but forever more


Chandima Samanthi Fernando © 2008





I remember wondering

How it would turn out to be

With all of us grown up

Would we all still be friends?


Never did I imagine

All of us, all over the world

Meeting in a virtual space

All of us here, but you


Keeping friendship alive

With pictures and words

Sisters and friends

Bound by the past


While you still remain

Untouched by the years

The only real angel

In our virtual world

Chandima Samanthi Fernando © 2009


Some may remember, some can’t forget
It was twenty years ago... you left

Layers upon layers of life’s many trials
Settled now on top of that first bitter pain

Yet the memory of the joy you brought
Still moves me like it’s '91 all over again

Some may remember, some will reflect
You saw something good in everyone

Spoke of Jesus like He was your friend
Gave from the heart with no reservations

So twenty years after, as some may recall
That you were a friend to one and all

If those you cherished, continue to uphold
Even a glimmer of your shining example

Twenty years from now and thereafter…
We shall still be worthy of your regard.

Chandima Samanthi Fernando © 2011

Special Dedication

In 2016
Author Samanthi Fernando
(also known as Chandi Welgampola)

a Book of Friendship Poems
to her precious friend Sam